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Monitor Risks Constantly with up to the Minute Data and Actionable Analytics

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Introducing The First Ever
Continuous Underwriting Engine

Risks are not static —they can change during the policy term. Present day underwriting systems and procedures do not capture these changes. That's where RiskPossible comes in. We developed an innovative Continuous Underwriting Engine (CUE) for insurers that allows you to — monitor risks constantly with up-to-the-minute data and actionable analytics.

What We Do


We pull information from various sources on the web, take your in-force policy portfolios, layer triggers on them and alert you when a trigger is fired — letting you take action the moment things change.

Our Benefits

RiskPossible created a platform to continuously pull information about your policies to help you...

Spot misclassified risks and leakage situations.

Intelligently allocate resources for loss control.

Decide on the best risks to retain.

Alert Trigger

Easy to Configure
Alert Triggers

The setup is effortless. We can receive something as simple as a CSV file or as sophisticated as a highly integrated API connection.

Once you're set up, it all comes together in an easy to use interface for the insurance company to configure, all you have to do is switch on the triggers you want to be notified on.

If one of these triggers is fired we'll let you know.

Easy to
Receive Alerts

API Integration

Industries Served

Simple, Flexible Pricing

Flat Fee pricing based on monitored gross written premium. Our subscription plans are straight forward and easy to use, just like our service.

No set up fees

No metered rates

Full access

No usage fees

No hidden fees