Easy To Configure
Alert Triggers

How It Works

RiskPossible’s trailblazing system, CUE, provides a simple way for insurance companies and underwriters to constantly monitor risk and react to any relevant changes.

Step 1

Select Datasources

CUE structures and delivers pertinent public information for each client. Furthermore, our visionary collection process allows us to procure additional private information, allowing you to underwrite with all the data possible.


Step 2

Policy Upload

Policies can be uploaded through our API, through an SFTP process, or manually via a csv upload option through our portal. Policies can be updated daily and our application automatically tracks new policies and deactivates expired ones.


Step 3

Create New Portfolios

Create new portfolios based on programs or class codes. Portfolios can be further broken down by regions or states as needed.


Step 4

Configure & Review Alerts

Create customized alert triggers specific to your business and underwriting preferences. You can configure the alerts to be sent via email or they can be integrated into your policy management system through our CUE API.